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Fresno Burn Injury Lawyer Helping Victims Recover Financially

烧伤受害者比几乎任何其他事故受害者遭受更多的痛苦,因为从这些伤害中恢复所涉及的持续的疼痛和痛苦. 烧伤可能发生在许多事故中,使烧伤案件比其他索赔更为复杂.

For these reasons, 当你试图为严重烧伤寻求正义和赔偿时,有一个知识渊博的烧伤律师在你身边是必不可少的. 而保险公司可能会忽略许多烧伤的费用, your attorney will fight for your rights as a victim. For example, insurers usually don’t cover non-economic damages, such as mental anguish, pain, and emotional distress, but these may all be paid for in a burn injury claim.

如果你或你所爱的人因为别人的疏忽而遭受了烧伤后的巨额医疗费用, contact our law firm today. 日博备用网站将富有同情心地倾听您的故事,并帮助您决定提起诉讼是否适合您. Call now to schedule a free consultation at (559) 702-5124.

What Types of Accidents Commonly Cause Burn Injuries?

烧伤的发生有许多不同的原因,使得这些诉讼非常复杂. However, with a skilled personal injury lawyer,你有很大的机会获得尽可能多的赔偿.

Some accidents that often result in burn injuries include:

  • Contact with a hot liquid, such as coffee, soup, or hot water
  • Burns from hot objects, such as overheated electronics
  • A car accident where the vehicle catches fire
  • 易燃液体或刺激性化学品溢出时发生的半卡车事故
  • Thermal burn resulting from contact with fire
  • Road rash, 例如,当摩托车或自行车骑手在事故中被拖在粗糙的人行道上时
  • Electrical burns, including electrocution
  • Burns from a defective product that overheats unexpectedly
  • House or workplace fires
  • Chemical burn from exposure to a corrosive substance, 例如在工作场所发生事故或与载有危险物质的半挂车相撞
  • 当受害者暴露在极冷的环境中时,也被称为冻伤
  • Radiation burns
  • Inhalation injuries
  • Friction burns

How Much Is My Burn Claim Worth?

If you are a burn injury victim, you may experience extreme pain, nerve damage, 当你从严重的烧伤中恢复过来时,还要做痛苦的皮肤移植手术. 然而,身体康复并不是从烧伤中恢复的唯一挑战. 你还可能面临沉重的经济负担,因为你支付了保险索赔可能不包括的医疗费用.


  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Hospital charges
  • Physical therapy
  • Surgical procedures
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Lost income-earning ability
  • Wrongful death
  • Punitive damages

无论你是一级烧伤还是更严重的三级烧伤, we can help. 立即致电免费的情况下评估,看看是否开放烧伤索赔是适合你的.

What Does a Burn Injury Lawyer Do?

烧伤律师帮助受害者在灾难性事故后重新站起来, such as a burn injury. 如果烧伤受害者因他人的疏忽或不法行为而遭受痛苦, they can often recover full compensation under California law. 这有助于支付康复过程中涉及的许多医疗费用, especially in catastrophic cases, such as when the victim has a fourth-degree burn.

Some of the duties of a burn injury lawyer include the following:

  • Investigating the details of the accident
  • 查阅警方报告,监控录像和目击证人
  • Providing evidence to show the victim was not at fault
  • Calculating expenses paid by the victim
  • Reviewing medical documents
  • Drafting pleas
  • Offering legal counsel to clients
  • Representing clients during the lawsuit
  • Negotiating a fair settlement with insurance companies
  • Obtaining maximum compensation on behalf of clients

如果你是烧伤受害者,你可以追究过错方的责任. 你可以在诉讼中获得比保险公司通常提供的更多的损害赔偿. 这可以帮助你的家庭恢复经济,避免陷入债务和失去你的房子. 你也可以通过追究过失方的责任来防止他人在未来的事故中受到伤害.

Should You Hire Our Burn Injury Attorney?

无论您是烧伤受害者还是您的亲人遭受烧伤,日博备用网站都可以提供帮助. 日博备用网站花了近二十年的时间积极争取客户, 包括父母和其他家庭成员,当他们所爱的人受到伤害时,他们希望得到正义.

日博备用网站知道如何从你的烧伤诉讼中得到你需要的结果. 日博备用网站承诺为您提供优秀的法律顾问和代理,为您的伤害收取应有的赔偿. 日博备用网站将利用日博备用网站的谈判能力从您的保险索赔中获得最大利益,并在必要时代表您出庭,以确保您的需求得到满足.

Don’t go through this troubling situation alone. Please rely on our experience, skill, 诚实可以帮助你在烧伤后完全恢复经济. Call our law firm today at (559) 702-5124 安排免费咨询,与日博备用网站充满爱心、知识渊博的法律团队讨论您的案件.